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November 10, 2006


Roger von Oech

Really provocative post.

I may or may not have totally understood it all, but here's my two cents. One thing that's true about all these intimations is that they've all taken place while these people are doing the same thing: blogging. It's not like one person got it he was shaving, another while eating pizza, another while making love, and another while swimming. No matter who you are, almost everyone blogs in the same way: in front of a computer, typing, doing verbal stuff, and usually after having surfed through a lot of other sites looking for ideas. A lot of things to contribute to a similar mindset.

Gavin Heaton

I am a fan of the tornado concept. I like the unpredictableness of a "natural disaster" being used as a metaphor for the chaotic and spontaneous discussion of ideas. I even like the destructive element -- sometimes these ideas are about knocking down old structures and ways of thinking.

There is often a furious energy in some of these ideas that circulate around the blogosphere. And it is fascinating that these energies and ideas infect us in far flung locations -- from the US to Europe to Asia. It is one of the amazing benefits of "belonging" to a web community.


I understand my post was a bit confusing in fact and went maybe too much out of the frame I quoted.

You are on the same track as David with his original BSP post. He was indeed giving "blogging" as common denominator. It seemed to be also when/how intuitions happened to people commenting on his blog.

Now I was trying to find out if people were also having "intuitions" outside this frame. So yes... while shaving, eating pizza, making love, swimming. ; )
- Trying to identify if community members experienced such things outside blogging mindset.
- Trying to identify if it happened once, often, never.
- Trying to find out if there were other mindsets/circumstances around these specific moments of intuitions.

I think I see what you mean. There are two different things linked to the same kind of observations. If tornado is the metaphor for "discussion of ideas" (linked to blogging), then I'm 100% with you.

If it is to describe our very "moments of intuitions" or in other words, the way intuitions come to us, then maybe another metaphor could be imagined. See, I thought about the mental process of anticipating someone's action (in a more general way).

This said, big "yes" to :
"sometimes these ideas are about knocking down old structures and ways of thinking"... and that's definitely tornado-like.

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