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March 15, 2007



Lovely clickie of CAmps Bay beachfront. Those bumpy flights to Cape Town are frequent, well at least the landing is with Cape Town's south-easter blowing. Enjoy my home-town.

Gavin Heaton

Looks beautiful, Luc. Hope you are having an enjoyable time in amongst the avalanche of work!

Sharon Sarmiento

Wow, thanks for sharing this Luc. Cape Town sounds/looks absolutely exotic. I hope you have time to enjoy it!

Maryam in Marrakech

Wish I was there and we were having a coffee! (So sorry about the urgent emails. Offices can be such a pain sometimes.)

Roger von Oech

But at least you're on practically the same time zone! Not like flying for 16 hours and being 11 time zones away.

Have fun!

Mack Collier

Great shot, what model camera did you use?


Dear all,
Sorry it took me so long to reply. Extremely busy time (again!).

Yes, Cape Town is indeed a very nice coast town. I was lucky to meet very nice people out there. Thank you for your comment.

Nice observation. Same time zone. I wish I could have slept in the plane. Unfortunately didn't much, so if not jet lagged, I was just, simply... exhausted.

Thank you. I used an (old should I say) Sony Cybershot DSC-F77. It is not the best digital camera on earth, but it is quite handy when travelling. Also fine tuned contrast and colors in Photoshop.

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