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March 05, 2007


Gavin Heaton

A ha! The old triple constraint ... draw a triangle with each of these along each edge. Then, to illustrate what happens to a project when things change, re-draw the triangle. For example, reduce money and at least one of the other two have to change.

Nice way to visualise this challenge. And sometimes, just sometimes, clients understand it.


Agree... great when clients take it into account. : )

Roger von Oech

Are you suggesting that most producers have the mentality of Homer Simpson?


Roger... Let me think...
- Working in a nuclear plant : Yes, in a way.
- Eating sandwitches for lunch : definitely.
- Watching TV : TV producer, of course!
- Finding "creative" solutions : Yep!
Well, you must be right then!

Valeria Maltoni


Love the concept of production 'trinity'. One always gets what they pay for in the end. There are many ways of doing something, only a few rare ones will really matter. There is also an intangible issue behind your message: trust. Maybe there isn't a lot of money, but all the money there is, is yours. That is very different from a company bidding you down. Who would you work hardest for?


Thank you for your comment. Yes, you're right... Trust is an essential link towards quality. Although money can't buy it, sometimes time helps building it.

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