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July 13, 2007


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David Reich

Hi Luc --

Good 8. Interesting. I see, in your comment on listening to soundtracks, you include one of my favorite composers -- Lalo Schifrin.

And electric skateboard! I have enough trouble just walking.

Ryan Karpeles

Good stuff, Luc. And definitely random :) I love the "pure white" advertising campaign. Truly priceless. (What was the ROI, btw?)

Thanks a ton for tagging me. I'll try to put up a post in the very near future.



Thank you. Lalo Schifrin is number one on my film soundtrack composers list. Still can't believe I missed his recent (O SO rare) concert in Paris. -- Re: Skateboard, maybe you should consider a Segway... still cool, electric and quite easy to ride. ; )

The ROI? Can we say that going outside the standard formats eventually leads to sanction... or innovation maybe? -- No pressure for your post. Let it be cool.

Lewis Green


Your list is a hit! Thank you for sharing. And get yourself to the moon for real, my friend, although I am very impressed that your name went into space.


Thank you Lew! Going to the Moon? Well, I am working on it... even more than you can imagine!

Connie Reece

Luc, this was great fun. Re #7 - makes me want to dig out my old Michel Legrand LPs.

Rolling Talks

wowwwwwwww I'm sooo late :-) Luc do you put a 'better before ' date on this ? ;) I'm delighted you included me and pretty exciting to do my first 'tag' :-) have a wonderful day. Btw, I'm missing our non-fixed-yet lunch :-)

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