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July 24, 2008


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference L.A. NHM (re-)visited ...by a REAL dinosaur!:



I was amazed too. Wanted to quit my job and start a museum with those dinos...

Gavin Heaton

Awesome. Literally.

Luc Debaisieux - mindblob

Wait a minute... this idea is fantastic... may I join? ; ) - Gavin makes an interesting parallel on his blog with AD agencies.

Thanks for sharing this story with your readers. Love the AD agencies parallel... must confess, it is one of my favorite metaphor.


I think it will be scary for some, but a lot of little kids will be completely enchanted by it.

It definitely destroys the image of museums as dusty places to look at relics.

I like it, I think it gets people talking, and it's fun. They might want to put a warning on the door though to give parents a heads up!

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