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November 19, 2009


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I think we are just lost in transition...and those who will embrace it as an opportunity will emerge to Now and those who will wait for the transition to pass, will be lost in the Future...

Luc Debaisieux

Hey Bea,
Thank you for your comment. : )
I like the "Lost in Transition" idea. Once the consciousness is there, it's all about choosing the right moment to jump. And of course not wait for "now" to get lost into "past".

Gavin Heaton

Been thinking about this for a couple of days, Luc. I love the way you explain this - "we want tomorrow to be like yesterday".

I think it's not *just* that we want this type of continuity, but that we are also conditioned to expect it and desire it. But what happens when change is discontinuous? How do we cope with conditions that our past did not prepare us for?

Luc Debaisieux

Gavin, you enlighten a very interesting angle I was not thinking about. As a matter of fact, I had it in mind the other way around. I was thinking about the dynamics of anticipation.

If you imagined (yesterday) that big change was on its way and wake up today, right in the middle of it, maybe it's time to listen to what you could think of what tomorrow will be (in other words move from "observing" to "acting"). Sliding from intellectual anticipation to real adaptation. And this rejoins what you point out about going against our mental conditioning, eventually also education, or the way we learned what / how things "should be"... before or without that big change.

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