Author : Luc Debaisieux

Online Marketing Manager in the interactive department of the (Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française, a national broadcasting organisation) - Consultant digital & innovative communication at Moon Buggy sprl (very small Alien private company I own) - Previously, Creative Strategist at JWT Group Belgium (full service advertising agency, member of the WPP), Head of TV and Film Producer.

Location : Brussels, Belgium as the "base of the moment".

Active in : Marketing communication - advertising - creative strategy - digital communication - creativity - brainstorming - social media - new talent research - art direction - keynote didactics - linking information - finding positive solutions - driving ideas into reality.

Special interest : Learning the journey of ideas from brain(s) to reality - connecting ideas and being able to shape, re-shape, fine tune, develop and produce them, thanks to a network of passionate people. - point out existing ideas… to help you feed your own. Conversation - sharing ideas - innovation - technology - state-of-the-art - cutting edge - pioneering processes - project research and development - helping people as much as I can.


Disclaimer : Please keep in mind that this is a "personal blog" and so accordingly, the ideas and opinions shared here are not linked or related to the employer or the clients of the author.