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November 05, 2006


Roger von Oech

Wonderful metaphor and spot-on insights.

I'm finding (at least in the US) that it's getting really difficult to TALK with real people at companies whenever I -- as a $-paying customer -- need help with a product or service I'm buying or already paying for. It's quite frustrating. Perhaps this is an example of their shutting off the valve to the ocean. Why should they limit input (ideas, suggestions, complaints, praise) from their customers?



Thank you for your comment. I really thought that the US had great after sales and customer service (at least compared to Europe). So, yes I agree with you on that. Limiting inputs is like limiting success. I think that companies who want to survive will have to open the tank.

As I pointed out in the post, I believe it all starts from within the companies where input from members should be considered as precious by management. These inputs have indeed a strong link between the company they represent (products, culture) and the outside market.

So, the ideal metaphor vision of the fish tank would be a tank where fishes from inside could build links between them and the wild ocean -Thinking about Pixar film "NEMO" here, where the fishes inside the tank are being creative to get out. This was only possible because there was a connection with the Ocean first!- Then finally, open an access from the tank... to the ocean and visa versa.

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