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December 01, 2006


Lewis Green

"You believe what you want. You work your side of the street... and I work mine" goes a long way to describing me. It's what makes me a bad fit as an employee. But as I have gotten older, I have become less vocal about my differences and much better at listening, sharing and playing with the team.


Thank you for your comment. : )
What you point out is very interesting.

Experience is a wise driver and determination has its own limits. Now, I think "being a good fit as an employee" is not for everyone, but "listening, sharing and playing with the team" should be considered by all.


great analogy my new blobyminded friend!

I would add...

They also get the chicks without even trying.

They get the chicks, you see, because they are NOT trying.... see where I am headed with this? If you have the confidence of Dirty Harry or of Steve McQueen... you can trust the chicks will come to you... so don't worry about it...

They do what they do well, and people are attracted to them...

There has to be a marketing connection here somewhere... eh?

Big guns and nice cars help too... a bit.

he he he




LOL ! Thanks for your comment.
Yep, I agree about the confidence.
"They do what they do well, and people are attracted to them..." - That's a key for sure. Should be connected to marketing!
Yeaah... cool cars must help! ; )

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