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December 26, 2006


Gavin Heaton

Thanks for the kind words, Luc. I am hoping that the Z-List continues to mutate and doesn't just end with Seth's Squidoo. One of the best finds I had was when it broke out of the marketing/advertising channel and went into education. If it can continue to do that, then it will have really changed the game ... and Mack can retire, having changed the world ;)

Happy New Year!


My pleasure Gavin. I am with you on this one.
LOL about Mack retired after changing the world. After his (personal) meme... maybe we could propose to call him Bat-Mack. He'll wear a super-suit with a huge green "Z" on his chest. ; )


Joyeux Noel and Bonne Anne (my spelling is likely off my alien friend). I do hope the meme helps you and I linked to you well before this because your blog and YOU rock and are so generous to this community.

My gratitude and respect to Mack for this wonderful and giving idea. And yeah, Gavin rocks, too. He knows good blogs and, like Mack, is overly generous everyday in his posts.

Proud to be involved with this community.

Phil Gerbyshak

My take on the blogs with an already high Q rating on Technorati is that someone didn't get what the Z-list was all about, and just added the blogs they felt were worthy, and this got spread. Like many viruses, and many of the best plants, mutation happens. I'm just enjoying the moment and getting to know some new friends who have picked this meme up. While many of the places I've never visited before, I am enjoying my trip around Planet Blogosphere, and this stop is another wonderful delight.

Roger von Oech


Good questions and analysis. I don't understand a lot of it as well — especially all the negative voting on the Squidoo list. What's with that? Anyway, I voted for you on that thing, too.

Best wishes,



Hi Luc—Nice to meet you via this whole Z-List thing! I'm enjoying all the new blogs I've been introduced to, and it's been great to send the good linking vibes along to others.

I have no idea what the points values mean, either. Are people actually voting others down on the Squidoo list? That seems a bit against the generous spirit of this meme, doesn't it?

It's a huge blogosphere. I think there's PLENTY of room for all of us — and more!

Gavin Heaton

Luc ... I love the idea of Mack in a Bat-suit with a big Z on the front. Might try and mock one up when I get a sec ... too funny!


Once again... thank you for your kind words.
And I agree with you : I'm proud as well to be involved with this community.
Meilleurs Voeux to you for 2007 ! ; )

Welcome to mindblob and thank you for your clever comment. I share the same vision and this is the reason-why of this post!

Thanks for your comment and your vote (and by the way, I voted for you on the list as well). Still all the sense this list takes at this stage, is probably getting traffic and subscriptions to Squidoo (I read this on DA's L&E comments). Did I understand it well? Is it one of Seth's Godin's "product"? Is he taking credit (traffic) and money out of Mack Collier's Z-List? Grrrr... I'd rather not think about that! Let's just keep the good "spirit" in mind, right! ; )

I think the Squidoo thing is out of the original Z-List, really. Nothing out there is close to what the list was intended to bring.
Hey, I've got to mention it again : I'm happy I discovered your (great) blog! Thank you "Z-List"!

LOL! I knew you'd love it (don't ask me why). Let's build that Bat-Mack super-Z boy!

Heather D

Hi Luc - I have said this many times, but I have to say it again. The best thing about what Mack did with this Z-List was to bring together really top-rate blogs to the forefront. We have so many truly awesome blogs now on our radar (and in our reader, I should say). We agree, we weren't really watching where we stood within the ranks of Technorati, but by being a part of the Z-List phenomenon, it has certainly brought a new perspective to what it means to be active within a community. We look forward to following your thoughts, ideas and connecting brains in the future! :)

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