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January 10, 2007



Amazing! And a few observations:
- It has a full OS. So eventually, it will be able to do everything!
- It has partnered with Cingular as the sole mobile provider. I know Cingular doesn't work well where I live --- will Apple, Inc. bring in other providers? It will be interesting to see if the next 6 months features other configurations before the product is available for purchase.
- The Mac user in our household was able to get to the Apple website easily, while the PC user couldn't --- coincidence?!?

I love it when technology and design take huge leaps forward like this. But then it makes everything else that we thought was the best suddenly look grey.


You're right OSX is a good base and will probably lead to many great apps and goodies ("Oh boy... I can't wait", right!).

Regarding Cingular, I think it's a launch deal. Apple will have to open the phone to other operators if they want to spread the iphone on the international market. They talk about Europe already ("Snif! Snif! Too sad we have to wait until 4th quarter 007!").

So really.. the key word after Keynotes is clear to me : PATIENCE ! ("Oh noooo... not again!!!)

; )

Gavin Heaton

Ahh yes, but what happens if it falls into the hands of Dr Evil? Will we all be subjected to re-runs of bad 70s sitcoms, or have our playlists corrupted so that they endlessly repeat Beach Boys songs? Can Steve Jobs be entrusted with so much power? I live in fear.


Don't be afraid... remember, we have our own secret weapon against Dr Evil : BatMack would save us!


the funny reality, gavin, is that you are scared by steve jobs as well we were sacred by bill gates. two sides of the some coin?


LOL... Gianandrea, then the question is :
- Who's "Heads" and who's "Tales"?

Gavin Heaton

Very true G ... I do consider Gates and Jobs as similar. They both come out of the same milieu and have worked together -- because of scale and mass audience, Gates has had to make some corporate compromises -- Jobs has never had that same scale and exposure and never compromised. While that is great from a product design POV it doesnt tranfer so nicely to customer service.

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