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January 16, 2007


Lewis Green

We need adverturers on this planet. They keep us looking forward and energize us with their escapades. Curses to anyone who discards them as freaks of nature (which they may be).


Lewis, I agree with you they inspire us and energize us at the same time. Above all, it's all about "looking forward" and... being "HUMAN".

Sharon Sarmiento

Oh, I love stories like this where man/woman goes face to face with nature. I have recently been hooked on this show (perhaps it was shown outside the States) called "Everest: Beyond the Limit". (You probably guessed--it's about climbing Mt. Everest :-).) Even though I'm too much of a wimp to ever put myself in an extreme situation like that or like the one Maud is putting herself in, it's inspiring to see others who are brave enough. It reminds all of us that we're capable of much more than we think.

Valeria Maltoni

Professor Mike Useem at Wharton takes his MBS students to Mt. Everest and Antarctica for expeditions that are journeys inside as much or more than outside. And I think this is also part of your commentary...

Useem aims at imparting living teachings on leadership decisions under duress. Last year at the Wharton Leadership Forum, which has resilience as the tagline, we met David Breashears.

Breashears is a world-class filmmaker, adventurer, and mountaineer who shared his first-person account of the making of the IMAX film Everest, the most highly acclaimed large-format film of all times. David's account included the 1996 Mount Everest tragedy where some of his friends lost their lives.

Resilience, said David, is about resolve and humility at the same time. Having a good plan makes you nimble, it provides the opportunity to test 'what if' scenarios and time to think and provide input. The trust and respect built with your team comes into play when the leader has to make highly nuanced decisions and people need to put the team’s interest before their individual ones.


Hello Valeria and welcome to mindblob.

Very interesting and constructive comment. Yes, I was considering the "inside journey" as well. My post is focusing on individuals challenging themselves into unknown territories (and "territories" is also pointing our own limits as human beings). Your input over leadership decisions under duress adds a lot to this post. Discovering our own limits as individuals is important in order to be able to take any kind of leadership. Resilience is indeed the golden shadow of leaders. Even if it is invisible to the eyes of the team it helps build trust and respect needed for the leader... to lead.

Maryam in Marrakech

Her sign is so touching.

I love the Exupery quote. I read Dr. Seuss's "Oh the places you'll go to my children last night" and it meant so much to me.

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