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January 14, 2007


Roger von Oech

Hi Luc,

Provocative post. In terms of my future work, I can only see clearly what's out ahead for the next 10 months or so. And I'll be using some amped-up tools (computers, CAD software, etc) to create some low-to-mid-level-technology products, for example, another book and a set a of magnetic design blocks. The tools allow me to have much more control myself (which I love) and to do it more inexpensively.

In answer to your second question, I work for myself, so if I need some high-powered skill sets, I hire them or collaborate with them.


Roger, thank you for your comment.

Must be quite exciting to develop new products. Even more if they are your own! And yes... being your own boss you can make your own forecast and decide to act and move your own way. From this perspective my question would be:

- Do you think your internet and blogging experience could influence the way you work in the near future vs. the way you work right now?

Gavin Heaton

Luc ... you are on fire! I am going to have to think about this one a little longer ... But I think there is a general interest in breaking down the creative silos in many organisations -- not just the agency world. The OIA model is very interesting, and I am sure we are all watching to see how it unpacks -- and let's face it, if those clever folk can't make it work then what hope do the rest of us have?

Having said that, it comes down to what you consider "success". Or "creativity" for that matter ... hmmm. I think I will need to add this one to my "blog debt".


LOL - Don't worry there are no flames! Just thoughts to share.

"...if those clever folk can't make it work then what hope do the rest of us have?" - I think there is always hope to change things if we passionately beleive in what we're doing.
: )


A lot of complex issues always at work with this topic, perhaps now more than ever with the advent of web 2.0.

Will workers become more fixed in their geography and telecommute to jobs anywhere in the world?
--- OR
Will workers become more nomadic, and have to move more to keep up with more opportunities created by who-knows-what-else is coming down the pike?

Will workers -- and their families -- no longer have to completely uproot and move to follow work? Or will people become more nomadic for different reasons (fun travel, environmental issues, geo-political issues)?

Your post brings up more questions than answers for me! The OIA example is really interesting.


KG, many questions are rising, indeed. I believe the only thing we can be sure of is that the way we work now (from a global perspective) will obviously change. The two questions left could therefore be : how & when?

Sean Howard

That evolution ad is one of my favs.

Sorry I didn't post sooner. Had to find more than the normal 3 minutes I am generaly able to allot as this one was slam-packed but SO worth it.

Great questions. I've begun to notice that I am talking about the concepts without the answers... and this hasn't always been that way. Or at least, it hasn't been that way for a LONG time in my world.

To put it in a clearer light, I find myself speaking about concepts fueling or describing social media phenomena without a clear idea of how it might best apply to the situation at hand.

Today I was in a B2B discussion with a potential new client and pulled up some Armano charts and some conversational concepts. There was a strange pause and then people began applying them to the problems at hand.

So I see it as getting more exploratory in the short term.

P.S. this entire post was written to the tune of instant def due to the link above. Brilliant.


Yep... that Guinness ad is quite a brilliant piece! I love the work of director Daniel Kleinman. Did you know he was the one behind some of these fancy James Bond films title sequences?

"...speaking about concepts fueling or describing social media phenomena without a clear idea of how it might best apply to the situation at hand" - Yes, I think this is one of the keys. It is not an easy thing (yet), but people like you, who are convinced by what this is all about, are in a way pioneering in B2B conversations.

So go ahead, spread the word! : )

Sean Howard

So... what are the dangers we all face as we create these new tracks?

And which ones are real?

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