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January 18, 2007


Tim Jackson

Awesome! Thank you SO much for finding and sharing this. I love this kind of thing!


That is one feisty ladybug! I love the scene when she leads the flies through the logs --- it is so reminiscent of those Star Wars chase scenes through the valleys on the Death Star.

I'll stop blabbing details. I don't want to wreck it for those who haven't seen it yet. Really well done!

Gavin Heaton

Just brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Lewis Green

Great video. I tend to not be patient with videos; however, I watched this from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing.


- Hey Tim,
Great to see you liked it, really! Thank you for your comment. : )

- KG,
Don't ask me why, but I just knew you were going to like it. Probably because you fly too, right! (... remember, with an umbrella!) ; )

- Gavin,
Welcome, mate!

- Lewis,
Wow! That's good Lewis. I'll take as a challenge to share more films worth watching to the end.

Sharon Sarmiento

Hi Luc, yes, I loved it! I do like bugs, as long as they're cute like the ones in this film. Thanks for sharing this.

Valeria Maltoni

Now if Lewis can watch the whole video it must really be good. Two quick thoughts:

1. All things being equal, they aren't. Some media are better than others to convey a message. In this case entertainment works better through the cute imagery, which awake the child in us and connect with the whole life is in the little details sentiment.

2. It's amazing what happens when we change our perspective on things. Because the video pulls us in, we forget time, sit back, and enjoy the story.


It was funny to notice that you changed your blog design in parallel (just before my post actually) and went for a "nature feel" with a very nice banner entitled "I'm a little bug". By the way... your new design feels like a breeze of freshness. Very nice indeed!

Unexpected and pertinent comment. Didn't think anyone would digg the sign systems (visual language) of this film. Talking about perspective, from a semiotics point of view, I think sometimes there are things that denotation/connotation just can't explain. Not to mention: the ingredients of "success" for a film. It's what I call the magic of a production. As you said, I recall "being pulled in, forgetting about time, sitting back, and enjoying till the very end of it". There is something universal in the effect encountered. Probably because the invisible links between the ingredients are just... empathy and talent.


Miniscule yet mighty. I adore this--beautifully done. Thank you for this :-).

Vince Williams

Tout nouveau, tout beau.

The audio gave my sound system a real work out, too.

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