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February 22, 2007



What if we gonna create not a concept story but a concept reality : all the people just say and act directly without fear the consequences.

the true reality


Igor... I love the idea. You must be talking about "Third life", right!
; )

Sharon Sarmiento

Hey Luc--this is so cool! I would definitely "build" a painting, cuz that's what I'm into.

And I like the changeability of it, the constant development based on people showing up and passing through.

Art like this can be so much more inspired than just planning every detail out yourself. And I would thnk that making it interactive would take some of the creative pressure off the artist, but the end result is probably something that has more layers/details than the artist could have come up by himself/herself.

Very cool idea!

Gavin Heaton

Hey Luc ... nice to have you back! I have missed you!
I love this idea ... how about an interactive Z-list? That would be cool! With live webcam links from all the Z-list participants.


Yes you could call this the third live !People come and submit their every day novel, without rigid convenience, their really thoughts.

The true you !


luc, gavin my webcam is ready for such a great performance. luc, how did you find them? so cool.


The surreal quality of these images, combined with the text, captured my attention. I found myself looking very closely at all the pictures trying to notice every detail.

Fascinating! And that it's a worldwide collaborative project is really amazing.

Now I'm trying to think of what I want to build...I heard of a group of people all writing a novel together online. None of them know each other, yet they are all writing it. It'll be so interesting to see how it turns out. What if it's a fantastic story?

Sean Howard

Wow... I got SO sucked in. More than I expected to. Loved the surreal and poetic copy!


Thank you all for your comments. I believe there is still much to be done around co-creation.

Yes, painting would be very interesting. I have already seen artists making a drawing and leaving the coloring to co-creators on the net.

Yes... of course, a Z-list webcam ring. Is there a way we could include this to the (great) wiki you launched? I'm going for it anytime. If you want we can push this forward together.

Let's give it a try one of these days. : )

I really liked the post you made on this with the very nice pdf on co-creation by James Cherkoff & Johnnie Moore.

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