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June 05, 2007


Roger von Oech

What a touching writeup! Sounds like you had a really good trip!

Drew McLellan


It was a remarkable day, filled with remarkable people, there to do an ordinary thing -- offer their support and love to a hurting friend.

How could we do less?

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to meet you in person and to now know that we will be friends for many years.

I'm looking forward to the next time we can sit over a leisurely meal and enjoy each other's company.


Mack Collier

Luc I'm really glad you were there and able to meet CK, and glad that she will be able to now surprise her sister with 'momma tree'!


Oh you are too kind my dear friend. Don't you know it was my honor to be your host(ess)? I couldn't believe you would come all the way to NYC to see me...much less not get to see more of this great city!

So off we went to see many treasures. And it wasn't at all uncomfortable. It was just like we were good friends. Why? Because we are such good friends ;-). And a huge thank you to your family for supporting this big trip.

And I'm so glad you're meeting fellow Belgians--too funny that you came to NYC only to meet good people in your own corner of the world.

p.s.: I love how that sunspot hits right in the middle of Rockefeller Center; what a terrific shot to capture. So my friend, seems you got pics of the Sun...and the Moon (that shot on 5th Avenue).

p.p.s.: I still can't believe you flew 16-hours over 3 days. You are the real deal.

David Armano


Wonderful post. I still can't believe you made it out to NY. Shows what a thoughtful soul you are. And that you are my friend.

It was nice to hear your voice and I'm glad you got to meet a very special group of people.

I'm sure we too shall meet. At least that's what my BSP tells me.


Tim Jackson

Amazing. Truly amazing.

The power of human contact is simply amazing- it takes all forms and is formed in all manner of ways. The electronic is no less real than the flesh, but it sure will be great to (hopefully) attend the blogger social and add a face and voice to written word.

So glad you were able to make it to be with CK and the others- it is a testament to the power of humanity. It gives me hope.


"it is a testament to the power of humanity."

Indeed, Tim.

gianandrea facchini

Luc, what about to arrange to meet in the good old Europe?
We are few hours away and no jet lag ;-)


Thank you all... I'm overwhelmed by all your kind comments.

- Roger : Yes, unforgettable day indeed. : )

- Drew : Your comment captures the spirit that moved me (2 meanings) - "It was a remarkable day, filled with remarkable people, there to do an ordinary thing -- offer their support and love to a hurting friend. How could we do less?". I'm so glad I could meet you there and am really looking forward to seeing you again.

- Mack : Yes, we were also thinking about Melissa. She was "there" with us too.

- CK : Being "too kind"? Don't think so. If we have the opportunity to "be there" shouldn't we just do it? Drew said it : "how could we do less?" : )

PS : Must confess I added the sunlight in Photoshop. I saw it when you pointed New York to me, but didn't show on the pictures.
PPS : No airplane, CK. Hopefully I was dropped by a spaceship. You know, these strange Aliens! ; )

- David : "MEKTOUB" (means "it is/was written, somewhere in the stars - Arabic). Plus I'm sure we'll meet as well. Same BSP. Looking forward to that day!

- Tim : Same frequency my friend : this is all about being human. And it feels good.

- Gian : Of course! Excellent idea. And hurray... no jet lag. Let's think about something.



It was a pleasure to meet you. I feel that there's something great to do with the Belgian connection.

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