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July 30, 2007


gianandrea facchini

Being involved in a restaurant, suffering for the height and living where the sun is shining 330 days a year, I just have one question: is it for real?

It looks to me like a Guinness book of the records activity.


Yes... it is for real! I know some of the people in the video. I also think it is not really targeting high level gastromones. ; )

Ivana Taylor

Love this! I'm not sure why, though. Perhaps it's the "out of the restaurant" thinking. But either way, I think it takes the whole risk-taking element to a new level. And it reminds me that people can and will buy anything - if it's marketed in a way that connects with what they "want."

Lewis Green


I've got to do this but without my wife. She is afraid of heights, although she doesn't mind hiking to the top of them. Now, why do I have to do this? I want to know what it feels like? How would the food taste differently? What about the conversation? This is too cool.

Pieter Ardinois

I like the piano player, who has his own platform to play on.

Valeria Maltoni

"Taking the culinary art to a whole new height."

"When he proposed, I was on cloud number 9."

"If you want a decent meal, skip the plane and keep the sky."

"Gastronomy taking off in Belgium."

"Sky meal."

I could go on. Intriguing... just for the sake of novelty?


Hi Ivana,

And welcome to mindblob!
"...it reminds me that people can and will buy anything - if it's marketed in a way that connects with what they "want." - agree with you about that. Wonder who is targeted by "Dinner in the Sky" and who is actually responding positively to their product?


Well, yes... first impression, for whoever dares and wants to: this must be quite an experience. But then my question is : "if" you do it once, just to try it... what would make you want to do it "again"? In other words is this a "one shot" experience only?


Piano player is probably playing "somewhere over the rainbow"... Ideas could easily pop in terms of the playlist, right! ; )


Yes indeed, just like I answered to Lewis... I'm on the same question : "just for the sake of novelty?" Product like that might need a positioning for the frequent flyers, right!

Pieter Ardinois

Haha, indeed!
should be fun composing a playlist.

'Somewhere over the rainbow'
'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'
'Take your parachute and jump'
'I believe I can fly'


The idea isn't bad in itself. I mean, in our society we have already airplanes, which can be hired for just sex, provided you pay a considerable amount of money. So, the dinner in the sky is rather a politically correct version of sex in the sky.
But I had a really important question while reading this announcement. Organizers of the dinner in the sky, are they also planning to hire clouds fighters at the same time?
I mean, it's Belgium. Good luck for a nice dinner in the sky. Provided, of course, that you won't ask for help the Russian government. We never have rain when it's a public holiday...

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