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July 24, 2007


Gavin Heaton

This is a great move ... and something that many agencies should follow. I am looking forward to delving into The Good Stuff!

Drew McLellan


This is very good indeed. It once again carves out new ground on what I am sure will one day become a well-worn path. But today, it's brave and scary and new.

Which is what makes it so cool. I'm looking forward to participating in the dialogue.


Sean Howard

This is an AMAZING step for any organization of this size or scope!!! Nice!

Ryan Karpeles

I think it's a very big step for JWT. The point about the "age of dialog" is right on. We can't be advocating conversational marketing without engaging in it ourselves.

And like you said, it's the intentions that usually matter most. It's easy to fix actions. It's hard to fix intentions. If you've got the latter sorted out, the road ahead will be a lot more promising.

For the record, Wieden + Kennedy London has a fantastic blog that provides a wonderful glimpse into a wonderful agency:


It's rarely about strategy and tactics. Instead, it's about the people, the work and the experiences. Coming from such an interesting place, it's a highly enjoyable read.


Very cool. I know there are still a lot of internal agency blogs out there hiding in the shadows—but now there is one less!

gianandrea facchini

Luc, having worked for the wpp group for several years i can understand what a bold move is this. you know what i think about the big networks and i'm not changing my idea about their slowliness to embrace new challenge and the business model which try to reduce to the routine the most creative process. anyway i love this story and i'm sure that this is an interesting case for everybody. thanks for the news.


Thank you all. I also believe this is a great move. I'm really looking forward to the conversation we'll find at "The Good Stuff".

Thanks for the link. Yes, WKLondon is a great blog indeed. You nailed it : "...it's about the people, the work and the experiences". Bingo!

Yes big structures have a lot of inertia and usually move slowly. They were built and organized on a model that obviously needs to be reviewed. That's what makes "jumps" like this worth all our attention. I'm wondering if there are cases of huge structures like this that took the challenge and made it already?


when I read your post I didn't quite understand what's the fuss...?

While I welcome every person and company into the blogosphere I can't get thrilled by the dinosaurs getting on board.

W+K are running their welcome to optimism for more than3 years now so there is no news here i guess.

The best thing about the sphere is it's lack of hierarchy and democratic paricipation - every person, brand or institution is welcome to the conversation as long as they have anything interesting to contribute - and thats the only criteria I'd judge The Good Stuff Blog.




learning to fly!!
Malheureusement je ne suis pas assez bonne en anglais pour dévelloper mon point de vue dans cette langue mais je pense que tu as tres bien résumé le sentiment d'ouverture nécessaire pour évoluer positivement et dans la créativité!


I see your point here. It is indeed not about "fuss" or pointing something incredibly new. I was more trying to figure out HOW "the dinosaurs" you refer to could move into the sphere in a smart way. What strategy would be recommendable? Then, I agree with you the rest is up to the conversation engaged over there.

Thank you for your first comment (welcome to mindblob)! No problem... I'll translate the essence of your comment here for the readers: "... I think your overview sums up well that being open is necessary for a positive and creative evolution". My answer to you: yes... being open is the first very important step. - Oui, effectivement, l'ouverture d'esprit est le premier pas indispensable.
: )

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