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August 20, 2007


Cam Beck

"Woops! I forgot to mention that I did have the honor to contribute too, by designing the logo, the button and the site banner."

And he did at least some of this on his own time, while on holiday, too. Luc - You are the gift that keeps on giving, my friend! Thank you for your efforts. You did (and continue to do) a fantastic job.


I love that artwork above, too. Many, many thanks for all you continue to do--in the wee hours of the night and even on vacation!

Honestly, had it not been for you and your gracious act of coming all the way to the U.S., we wouldn't have had the inspiration to get everyone together...I hope it works out for everybody (so funny that most people voted for NYC...next year in Brussels or Barcelona, eh?)

PS: I remember taking that picture of the city background with you in Times Square ;-).

Lewis Green


Great visuals, my friend. Enjoy holiday.


Wow! Thank you!
I mean for this very nice comment AND most of all for what YOU did to help the pre-production of Blogger Social 2008! This event is going to be "quite exceptional" indeed!

Blogger Social 2008 is a great idea. I was lucky to meet you, Drew, Valeria, Lewis and David once already. Just can't imagine what it would be with all the bloggers involved in this fantastic community! NYC is a perfect location... even if I voted for a sunnier one. ; )
THANK YOU for leading this great adventure and motivating people to make this world (positively) change.

Merci! Happy you like the visuals. : )

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