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September 19, 2007


C.B. Whittemore

Luc, what a wonderful way to illustrate the power of conversation -- and have a giggle in the process! Get Smart brings back good memories... Thanks for connecting back to Flooring The Consumer, too!

Pieter Ardinois

How funny!

However, despite the efforts to avoid the cone of silence, there are numerous people who refuse to conversate without. Horrible experience.

maryam in marrakesh

I adored Get Smart!!!

PS How nice to see you in your pic:-)



You're welcome... thanks for pointing the new definitions of "Conversation".

You're right. Too many still use this evil device!

I miss series as funny and silly as "Get Smart". Glad you like my picture. ; )


I loved that show! So many laughs. Thanks for the smile from this — "Max Smart" was a genius comedian.

Such interesting points that everyone is making about conversation!

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