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January 03, 2008


Mark Goren

This is going to be good, Luc!!

Can't wait.

FYI, I think many of you also deserve credit for the video, including Matt, Kris, C.B., Gavin, Drew and CK. This most certainly was not a one-man show.



Hey Mark... yes, I can't wait to meet you and all the gang in NYC.

About the video... yes it's a team work indeed, but come on, you've been doing such a fantastic job on it that we simply couldn't miss mentioning it.

This said, what would we do without our CK to positively boost us all?

C. B. Whittemore

Luc, you are so right! Thank you, Mark! Oh, what fun... Happy 2008!


I just love that pic at the bottom ;-). Tell ya what, I loved this collage, video and pic so much--but not as much as the premise of the event as that rocks, too--that I am going to Blogger Social!

You heard it HERE...I will be there.

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