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January 11, 2008


Ryan Karpeles

Thanks for sharing these stories, Luc. Love the graphic at the top BTW :)

Tim Jackson

Thanks for the reminder that we are ahead of standard US timezones and now it's Friday! Time to be a pea!

Yes, Social Media is a wonderful thing. Sharing with and reaching so many people at once and spreading a message at lightning speed. What's not to love!

Connie Reece

Luc, your kind words have me blushing. I'm just the one who turned the first scoop of earth - then a bulldozer of PEAple got behind the effort and really started moving mountains. I'm so glad we connected during the writing of The Age of Conversation and can't wait until I get to meet you at Blogger Social 08. April in New York!


Luc - The generosity and kindness of people who are involved in "social - media" continues to amaze me. I think it reinforces the need that we humans have to be connected with each other. That cuts across cultures and oceans. If we can take those lessons to heart we might be able to change the way we do business. And as Lewis Green might say Lead With Your Heart. Looking forward to seeing you in April.


J'aime le graphic! C'est tres amusant et cool


You're welcome. I'm happy you like the Alien-Peas. : )

Hey Tim,
Good to know that there are peas in Taiwan too!

Still... the energy you are giving is boosting positively us PEAple. Thank you for that. And I'm really thrilled to meet you at BS08!

I agree with you it is amazing. And especially when Social media brings the precious opportunity to share... heart! Sharing the fact we are (all) unique and united by our common human roots at the same time.

Hi Mario,
Now what is that funny French accent? ;)
Merci Mario, très heureux que celà te plaise.

Gavin Heaton

Great story and great visual, my friend! I love the way that you are conceptualising this as a solidarity wave. It helps give form to this great collective connection!

Jen, writer MembershipMillionaire.com

I've heard about Susan Reynolds and her fight against breast cancer from another blog just recently, too! It amazes me how fast people can move when they want to help and how innovative they can be in using media and other tools available to them.

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