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June 30, 2008


Thomas Clifford

Hi Luc,

Thanks for throwing this my way, Luc...I'm speechless. Which, BTW, rarely happens. :-)

"It doesn't sound great, as it's not supposed to."

That's too funny...the second time I played it, I put on my headphones and I started enjoying the cacophony of it all! How bizarre!

Since I'm a narrative filmmaker, I'm asking myself, "Where's the narrative? Where's the story?"

What do I think?

This rock n roll band of collected "redundant hardware" reminds me of the stories my parents must have told others about the many rock n roll bands I was in during high school. My memory says we didn't sound this good!

While I tried to sound like Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad and Deep Purple, my bands were probably closer to a "collection of redundant wannabe's" amped up to 11.

That's probably why I played this about five times and actually enjoyed it. :-)

The narrative and story? You create it.

Thanks, Luc. Rock on...

Paul McEnany

I think it's safe to say that kid may have a future! So are we going to have to face off in the race to hire him? :)

Luc Debaisieux - mindblob

- Tom,
Thank you for your long comment. I kinda knew you'd be interested but didn't expect this film to have such an impact. As a matter of fact, it did act the same way on me too. Funny you mentioned the headphones, because I did so and started to like its strange fascinating effect immediately from then on.
Funny you pointed your quest to find the "narrative". I also liked James' way to share the story of his film on his Vimeo page and it did definitely influence my reading of his film.

Thanks also for sharing your experience in Rock bands. This brought some "imaginative pictures" in my mind and the smiles that come with it (question being what kind of hat were you wearing then?) ; )

Really glad you liked this story.

- Paul,
Excellent point about "the kid"! I think he's gonna catch the attention of quite a few producers with his work! Go go go Jimmy! ; )

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