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June 19, 2008


Thomas Clifford

Hi Luc!

Thanks for rushing in a flood of intense memories! Great post.

It was so great meeting you and I won't forget the many film stories we shared the first night at Blogger Social.

So...BS09, here we come!

Valeria Maltoni

I was thinking about you recently. In one of my next vacation trips, I'm taking my mother to Belgium - so I can see it for the first time, too. That would be fun!

You are a favorite conversationalist and I look forward to the next opportunity to share stories together.


Cam Beck

Truly a pleasure, Luc. You're even more impressive in person... if that's even possible. I hope we're able to meet again soon.

Kristin Gorski (KG)

Luc, you have so much wonderful energy! I am so happy we finally got to meet in person. :)

Scott Monty

What a thoughtful and generous post, Luc! You were clearly very attentive during the Social. I hope we'll have the opportunity to meet again soon.

Anna Farmery

I am laughing as my voice as never been seen as my greatest asset! But at my age I will take any compliment...:)

Blogger social really lived up to expectations in fact probably exceeded....for all social media brings the face to face conversations were superb. Thanks to everyone for making this event so special x Anna

Steve Woodruff


Your presence at BS08 made us all the richer. Thanks for coming from afar to mingle!

Ann Handley

Was that *really* just in April? Wow.

Thanks for rekindling some great memories. It felt pure joy meeting you.

p.s. Glad you are back blogging!

Jason Falls

I wish we'd had more time to chat as well, Luc, but it's an honor to have met you and be more than just virtual friends. What a fantastic time we had!

Mario Vellandi

It was a great time talking at the party, but especially in the extended time we had at the hotel bar and sushi on Sunday with Gavin, CK, and Katie. Avez un Bon Weekend!

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